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Senior Pastor

Pastor Henry G Young is the pastor of Restoration Worship Center COGIC located in New Bedford, MA. He is a talented man with character, wisdom, understanding, and love. He was licensed and ordained by Bishop L. C. Young of Boston, MA. He is the son of Elder Henry G. Young and he took him on the road with him as an evangelist and taught him how to be a minister. 

As a child, Pastor Young would play church and pretend to preach a sermon. After he finished high school, he wanted to go to college and get away from the church. Before he was admitted to college, he had to take a pretest to see what area he should study. The test showed that he would be good as a social worker or he could major in religion. Pastor Young did not want either, because he wanted to be an engineer.    

When he was a freshman in college, God began to deal with him, but he continued to fight. It came to the point, that it would be God’s way or he could not continue in college. He went to church and he gave his life to the Lord and within a month he was filled with the Spirit of God. After he was filled with the Spirit, he was called to the ministry. As a result, he changed his major to religion and psychology and he realize that God had a calling on his life. 

After he completed his undergraduate degree, he went to seminary and he received a Master’s of divinity. He continued in school and he received a Master’s in Education specializing in curriculum development. He also holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Addiction. He is currently in school for a doctorate degree in Clinical psychology and he is hoping to win souls to the Lord with the knowledge that he has acquired in school over the years. Although he has a lot of education, he is a man that depends on the Holy Spirit to lead and direct his life. By the grace of God, he is hoping to teach the lost about the love of Jesus Christ and how their lives can be transform by the power of God.   

Pastor Young's ministry is uniquely and promotes reconciliation, redemption, forgiveness, and reconcilation with all cultures. Without a doubt, he is a man of faith and the Lord has equipped him for ministry in the 21st Century. He is anointed with a down to earth message that will bless you, give you the strength, and help you to keep moving on with the Lord. He has a unique ministry that is able to captivate you and open your eyes to what God wants to do in your life. 

Under the visionary leadership of Pastor Young, the members at Restoration Worship Center COGIC are inspired to walk into their destiny. With the help of the Lord, Pastor Young continues to be instrumental in mending broken lives and inspiring people to reach their full potential; providing encouragement that builds up the self-esteem, and teaching them the importance of the Holy Spirit. He assists members of the community with problems that they are confronted with. He helps young adults find jobs and funding for college. He strives to remove the obstacles to education and employment, through mentorship, career counseling, and basic life skill training.

Pastor Young is married to Evangelist Tammy Young. Evangelist Tammy Young and she is a big support to her husband and actively involved in helping him to build up the work of the Lord. He is a father, grandfather, teacher, preacher, counselor, and the senior pastor of Restoration Worship Center COGIC. Pastor Young works extensively to fulfill the call of God on his life and to spread the gospel by ministering the word of God to people.
    Restoration Worship Center COGIC

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