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Our Vision

Our Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish...”                  Proverbs 29:18
Restoration Worship Center has a mandate by God to minister to those who are lost, hungry, helpless, and hurting.  We have been authorized by God to speak the word of life into the lives of people.  We are called to teach people how to live according to the word of God.
Our church is a vibrant ministry that empowers individuals to discover his or her purpose through the practical application of God's word.  We are committed to doing this without prejudice, fear, or judgment.
Realizing that each person is at a different place on the spiritual journey of life, and with love we strive to help our brothers and sisters follow the path of righteousness that God has set forth through his son Jesus Christ.
Because we serve an excellent God, we seek to exhibit the spirit of excellence in our worship.  This includes giving Him the the best of our time, talents, gifts, and resources. We believe that the Bible is our road map to haven and following it is the key to eternal life.  Our style of worship is following the leading and direction of the Spirit of God.  We unashamedly believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, for it is He who has made us effective witnesses and sends us forth to evangelize the world.

    Restoration Worship Center COGIC

    54 Conduit Street
    New Bedford, MA 02745

    Church Phone Number: 774 271 - 8700


    With open arms, we welcome you to the Restoration Worship Center COGIC.

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