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Evangelist Tammy Y Young

        Evangelist Tammy Young is married to Pastor Henry G. Young, and she works diligently with Pastor Young as the First Lady of Restoration Worship Center (COGIC).  In addition to directing the Women’s ministry, Evangelist Young participates in the children’s music ministry, and the Sunday School department. She accepted Christ as her personal savior at the age of 12 years old.  She is an anointed vessel that is able to see in the Spirit. She is a talented teacher and she strives to break things down in the simplest terms.  At church, she works in many phases of ministry and she is a humble woman that wants to please the Lord. 

        In the past she served at a Deaconess, Missionary, and now she holds the title of an Evangelist. She is a musical person and she loves to praise the Lord. When problems arise, she realizes that prayer is the key to unlock doors that are closed. She is also used by the Lord, because she is a dreamer. When the Lord gives her a dream look out, because she has proven the Lord over and over. 

        She is anointed speaker and she believes in allowing God to use her for his glory. When she speaks the Word of God, she likes to relate it to the current trends of life. Without a doubt, she tries to make sure everyone can understand what she is saying. In fact, she can be best described as a detail teacher that believes in unraveling every aspect of the truth.

        First Lady Young has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Addiction. She is a gifted clinician and she counsels’ people with an addiction or a mental health problems. In the past she was also a foster mother and she worked with children that were that were difficult to manage. The Lord blessed her with a gift to get along with people and show them a different path to take in life. She has a unique way of dealing with children and they love to be around her. 
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