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Chriatain Radio Station

Bible Teaching and Christian Talk Radio Program

Online Bible Teaching 24 hours a day

Online Christian Radio - Christian Talk Radio and Bible Study

We use a variety of teaching methods to teach God's word such as: The Topical Bible Study, Subject Bible Teaching, and Everyday Practical Bible Teaching to help people learn God's Word. We will try to break it down as simple as possible so that everyone can learn the Word of God

If you would like to purchase the full message, please be kind enough to give us a reasonable donation to cover the shipping cost and we need to know the title of  the message and the message number

We will teach the Word of God in a practical way and we will try to break it down so that anyone can understand the Word. In fact, the Word of God will be presented with a subject, learning objectives, learning outcomes, and we will use 3 to 4 subtopics to support the subject

We have over 27 years of experience working with people with an addicted personality and mental health disorders. We have the love, compassion, and patience to help them see how they cannot help themselves and how they need to reach out to God.