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Mother Lola B. Webbs

         Mother Lola B. Webbs is a humble woman of God that will do anything to point a soul to Jesus. Without a doubt, she is a praying woman who is dedicated to the work of the Lord. She is able to get along with anyone and she is great at encouraging new believers. Restoration Worship Center COGIC will never forget the dedication, hard work, and the example set by her and the other team members. They traveled far to witness to people on the street and encourage them to come to the church. 
      Mother Lola B. Webbs, Evangelist Shirley Watkins and Sister Sheryl Webbs have demonstrated the love of Jesus. They setup a strong Sunday School class and followed the principles of Jesus Christ. The team has a way of making everyone feel special and welcome in the house of the Lord.  
       On Thanksgiving day Mother Webbs planned an outreach dinner for the community and it was a great success. People came out, eat food and socialized with people. Although we did not have an official service, we were able to connect with people on a social level. As a result, several people said they were going to come to church and they were thankful for the fellowship and the food. 

Bishop Robert L. Webbs

        Over 30 years ago, Bishop Robert L. Webbs, Sr. had a desire to open a Church in the city of New Bedford, Mass. He was an elder serving under Bishop Bryant Robinson, Sr. and he did not have the urge to establish a church in the city of New Bedford. Although this was the desire of Bishop Webbs, God works by time. When the Bishop passed away, and Bishop Webb became the Bishop of the district it was laid on his heart to set up a church  in areas where there was no church of God in Christ. He put together a team made up of mother Webb, evangelists Watkins, Sister Sheryl Webbs, and others to establish and set up a church in the New Bedford area.

       It was very difficult to find a building for rent in New Bedford, MA and the only space that was available was inside of a warehouse. The Bishop went to the Lord in prayer about this and the Lord told him that he is God anywhere. It was a large open space and the Lord helped it to be transformed into a church. 

        From the time this church was set up, breakfast was given out to people who came to visit the church. There were some ups and downs, but the Lord continues to show himself strong and the church is going on. People are coming in and learning about the Lord and the church is moving on.
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